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In Hljómahöll there are great facilities for any kind of events. The house has perfect video systems and an outstanding sound system. It is possible to rent venues that are the perfect fit for concerts, dances, meetings, birthdays, weddings etc. The venues are Stapi, Merkines, Berg, The Icelandic Museum of Rock ‘n’  Roll and Félagsbíó. All requests will be answered through our e-mail.
“Nordregio – the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Centre for Regional Development held its’ annual Forum at Hljomahöll in November 2014. We were all more than pleased with the arrangements, the efficiency, professionalism and wholehearted engagement shown to us by the staff. From the management team to technicians and waiters.

The sound system and other facilities were truly state of the art, which ensured a very positive and memorable experience for our participants."
We happily recommend Hljomhöll for conferences and events!”
- Åsa Ström Hildestrand, Head of Communications and Outreach, Nordregio


Stapi was built in the late 50's and opened early in the 60's. This is Hljómahöll's largest venue and can hold up to 900-1000 guests during concerts, 400 seated during concerts and up to 500 seats for conferences and meetings.


Berg is a suitable venue for concerts, meetings and conferences. The venue has a powerful soundsystem, a large screen and projector. Capacity (seated) is up to 104 seats.


Merkines is a perfect venue for meetings and gatherings for up to 180 people. The venue is equipped with built in ceiling speakers, projector and screen.

Félagsbíó cinema

Félagsbíó cinema is a very cool little cinema with nice seats. The cinema is used during the day in The Icelandic Museum of Rock 'n' Roll where documentaries on the Icelandic music scene are shown.

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